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Viva Technology -Startups connect / Paris 2016


Shaping the future via 300 conferences across 8 stages

The world’s most high-profile tech leaders and top entrepreneurs from around the world will be revealing their vision of tomorrow’s digital world as well as shedding light on emerging trends, disruption factors and best practices:

  • Disruption, what does it mean? With Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikimedia; Jay Carney, CCO of Amazon, and Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet
  • The Chinese digital revolution explained by Yuanqing Yang, CEO and Chairman of Lenovo; Robin Li, CEO of Baidu and SY Lau, and CEO of Tencent Media (Wechat)
  • An exclusive interview of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet/Google and John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco
  • The battle of AI with David Kenny, General Manager of IBM Watson and Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind
  • The best rising Centaurs and Unicorns as BlaBlaCar, AirBNB, Houzz, WorldRemit & Criteo presenting their innovations and visions

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Pourquoi French Commerce?

Le constat que nous avons fait en fin d'année 2014 était clair : malgré la technologie, les réseaux sociaux et l'ouverture du marché européen, la connexion entre les entreprises tchèques et françaises a besoin d'être redynamisée.

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