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Shaping the future via 300 conferences across 8 stages

The world’s most high-profile tech leaders and top entrepreneurs from around the world will be revealing their vision of tomorrow’s digital world as well as shedding light on emerging trends, disruption factors and best practices:

  • Disruption, what does it mean? With Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikimedia; Jay Carney, CCO of Amazon, and Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet
  • The Chinese digital revolution explained by Yuanqing Yang, CEO and Chairman of Lenovo; Robin Li, CEO of Baidu and SY Lau, and CEO of Tencent Media (Wechat)
  • An exclusive interview of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet/Google and John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco
  • The battle of AI with David Kenny, General Manager of IBM Watson and Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind
  • The best rising Centaurs and Unicorns as BlaBlaCar, AirBNB, Houzz, WorldRemit & Criteo presenting their innovations and visions


Viva Tech’s 17 labs for the digital transformation of 17 market leaders

Leading global players will welcome the sharpest startups to their labs, as well as top investors, laboratories and thousands of talents. Together, they will build tomorrow’s ecosystem that will shape the global economy.

  • Hospitality & Tourism            Accorhotels
  • Insurance                            AXA
  • Financial Services                 BNPParibas
  • Retail                                   Carrefour
  • Urban Transformations           Cisco &
& Innovations                                 Vinci Energies
  • Energy & Environment             Engie
  • Luxury                                    LVMH
  • Govtech                                    EY
  • Health Tech                              Novartis
  • Telco & Connectivity                  Orange
  • Sport, Gaming & Entertainment  PMU
  • Urban Mobility & Services           RATP Group
  • Open Transportation                   SNCF
  • Media Lab                                  TF1
  • Automotive Tech                         Valeo
  • Customer Experience                  Webhelp
  • Tech4Good                                  TheNextWorld


The top 100 innovative companies will showcase their most advanced prototypes

VR/AR, 3D printing, robots, drones, self-driving car, etc.  Everything that will change our lives tomorrow will be presented and open for individual experience, such as:

  • The best driverless engine like the Sea Bubble and the Google car will be showcased for the first time outside of the US
  • The most impressive robots including Ingenica Rius, Kristonic and Robotswim
  • The release of the new Sony Playstation Virtual Reality set and game – a Viva Tech exclusive European release
  • An overview of the latest artificial intelligence with Google Deepmind, Facebook, IBM Watson


Meet tomorrow’s unicorns: 5 000 startups and 500 pitches across 5 arenas

The best startups from around the world will be showcasing the best of IoT, AI, blockchain, robots, drones, wearables and how they want to disrupt markets. 50 awards will honor and largely reward the best of the world’s innovative startups, with:

  • 1,000,000€ ‘Tour de France Digital’ awarded by France Digital
  • Publicis90 rewarding the 90 most innovative startups
  • Maxi 100 challenge with a prize of 300,000€
  • 5 Tech4Good awards to build up positive social impact
  • Dojo award, taking the best startup to China

Dozens of events will welcome the whole tech world right here in Paris for three days

Drone ballet artists, musicians, and plenty of surprises will unravel on the Viva Tech stages and floors. Manpower will  connect best talents to thousands of recruiters, there will be two-hour floor tours by the Hub institute to share the best of Viva Technology Paris.

Throughout the duration Viva Tech, various events designed to give visitors a real Parisian experience will also be taking place. While the French President, François Hollande, will be inviting the top tech leaders to the Elysée Palace, the French Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron will be welcoming global investors at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. Meanwhile, McKinsey will be bringing together the world’s leading CEOs to accelerate the European digital transformation. And thousands of people will be invited to the French-American startup party on the banks of the River Seine!